T Breeze Verdant Wooden Jewelry

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Breeze is one of a kind, as is the jewelry he makes.  He is self-taught, has built his own log cabins from logs he cut himself.  When we first met him almost a decade ago, his jewelry was beautiful and intricate, but it mostly depicted the snow-capped peaks of his home state of Vermont.  We asked him to try to do some tropical creations.  Sure enough, the earrings he showed us the following year were what you might see from your sailboat at night, the moon and stars in the black sky, the moonlight on the water.  He nailed it.  Since then every year when he comes to visit the Virgin Islands he brings new creations.  He uses ebony that was part of a shipwreck in Cuttyhunk Mass in 1854, modern day ship builders scraps, recycled piano parts, swordfish bill, and woods I had never heard of before, from all over the world.  Can't wait to see what he brings next.