About Us

Kris and CW are the owners of Fish Face, a store located in Palm Passage, St Thomas.  In one of our past lives we had a sailboat based in the BVI and Kris spent hours in the water, snorkeling and photographing the underwater world.  She has a way with critters and somehow she gets them to pose for her.  Using just a teeny camera and an underwater housing she captured the beauty of that world. 

When we moved to the US Virgin Islands in 2008 we were casting about for what we could do for a living.  Selling her photos seemed like a good start.  Kris had worked for quite a few retailers in her past, and CW had opened his own businesses back in America, so we opened Fish Face.  A friend of ours imported batik clothing from Bali, so we started carrying that.  Another friend from the sailing days, Zdenka, created wonderful jewelry.  Yet another friend loved traveling in India and brought handmade silk Saris to us. 

From there, we grew.  But just about everything we chose to carry has a personal connection.  Stained glass from a fellow we met at craft shows on island.  Hiho clothing which was based out of the BVI, the founder was a windsurfer.  Lots of local artists doing jewelry, ornaments, clothing. Wood carvings  from St Lucia, Metal sculptures from a St Croix artist.  Seaglass, driftwood, painted Calabash, rope sandals, bags made from old sails.  So many artists, so much imagination.  And the women who work with us have all been friends and artists.  Christi makes leather-and-pearls jewelry, and does a magnificent job displaying what we have.  Sally Ann paints on canvas, silk, bean pods, driftwood. 

Come see us if you can.  You can also reach us by email at or  Our phone at the store is 340.775.5129  We are open 9:30-ish to 5 most days, more in the winter, fewer in the summer.