Amethyst / Serenity

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Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals for enhancing spiritual connection and awakening. Its specific ability to instill calmness, clarity, and healing within every aspect of yourself helps to clear energy blocks and imbalances.

As a deeply spiritual crystal, Amethyst is often used to expand the connection to the Divine through opening the upper chakras of spirit. Although it balances all upper chakras, its deepest connection is with the Third Eye Chakra allowing it to stimulate it, and enhance intuition and connection with your higher self. Amethyst is known for its unique ability to still the conscious mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state.

Amethyst is known for healing impatience, balancing energies, eliminating mental agitation, bringing clarity, and helping grounding. Amethyst is possibly one of the best crystals for meditation - it guides the mind toward deeper understanding.

Wear this beautiful bracelet to enhance patience, inner stillness, and to open yourself more easily to the divine connection with the Universe!

  • Handmade with Vegan leather that is cruelty-free!
  • Length: approximately 89cm (35 inches)
  • Simple closure and 3 clasps makes it adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Materials: Natural Stone - Amethyst
  • Please note that due to the natural stones used in this bracelet, the center stone will be unique on each bracelet.