Blue Imperial Jasper / Nurturing

$ 65.00 USD
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This stunning bracelet is handmade with vegan leather and vibrant Blue Jasper which radiates with nurturing and tranquil energies, helping you to remain in perfect balance, even during stressful times.

As a deeply nurturing stone, Blue Jasper is often used to also bring balance by enhancing self-compassion, inner harmony, and love. Its nurturing energy is great support during times of excessive stress. If you are going through difficult times, and you need supportive energy that will give you strength and to keep you stable and calm, then Blue Jasper is an excellent crystal to guide you through it. 

Blue Jasper is also excellent for enhancing emotional healing and inner peace. Its unique ability to instill serenity, clarity, and nurturing balances the Root Chakra. A balanced Root Chakra grounds and energizes your physical body completely.

This handmade bracelet is is cruelty-free because it is made with vegan leather. 

Wear this beautiful wrap bracelet to reduce stress and enhance clarity and inner stillness, and to guide you through stressful situations in life. 

  • Handmade with Vegan leather that is cruelty free!
  • Length: Around 51cm (20 inches) 
  • Simple closure and 3 clasps makes it adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Materials: Natural Stone -  Blue Imperial Jasper
  • Metals: Zinc Alloy
  • Please note that due to the natural stones used in this bracelet, the center stone will be unique on each bracelet